Join us as we start a new series from The Jesus Storybook Bible. Order your little one a copy today using the link below so you can share in the journey with us. 

Come along with us on a journey as Megan searches for Jesus. Based on the scripture Ephesians 3:17, Where Is Jesus? is the perfect ebook for children ages 3 to 5 and will prove to be a fun-filled mystery where the answer is closer than you think. 

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What others are saying

The tone of each book stirs the hearts of its young readers; letting them know how special they are to God.
— School Teacher
Each character brings forth such an excitement to the readers leaving them wanting more.
— Adult Fiction Author
Each story has such a meaningful, spiritual message that is absorbed into the minds and hearts of the children as well as parents - like I said, a rare find indeed!
— Minister to Families and Children
Through engaging stories and beautiful music, she engages them and stirs their hearts to follow God.
— Pastor